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Learn About TangoTango® C1S Coated Cover

Tango C1S Coated Cover’s broad caliper range of 8 thru 24 pt, ensures matching aesthetics and performance for all your C1S cover applications. So you get crisper colors, sharper contrast and exceptional consistency for the best overall value.

Learn About TangoTango® C2S Coated Cover

Tango C2S Coated Cover's clean-white shade and ultra smooth coated surface on two sides delivers better dot integrity and better ink holdout. And its reliability on press lets you trim costs, not quality—by using fewer make-ready sheets to achieve solid ink density. It’s the kind of performance that demands an encore.

Learn About TangoTango® Recycled Coated Cover

Tango Recycled offers outstanding runnability, printability and consistency on press and in converting. It boasts high brightness, a clean, white shade and a smooth surface for high-quality graphical or packaging applications.

Learn About TangoTango® C1S Blanks

For heavyweight graphic and packaging applications that demand strength and durability, Tango C1S Blanks are the ideal choice. A double coating on the top side provides an outstanding surface for high quality print reproduction and techniques.

Learn About TangoTango® Digital Coated Cover

Tango Digital delivers outstanding image reproduction and superior performance for a broad range of production volume digital printing devices including HP Indigo, Kodak NexPress and Xerox iGen. With outstanding runnability and consistency, along with high brightness, a clean, white shade up to 80% greater sturdiness than competitive covers, it is the preferred choice when quality matters.

Showing 1 - 5 (of 5)