It’s an ever-changing world for consumer electronics retailing, but one thing hasn’t changed:100% of consumers interact with a product’s packaging, and that packaging is often their first impression.

MWV is setting the new standard, enabling consumer electronics packaging to accomplish far more than simply containing a product. Our solutions are:

  • Innovative
  • Sustainable
  • Prevent theft
  • Improve the brand experience

This year at CES, in partnership with ProTeqt Technologies, we’re launching a revolutionary security packaging system powered by digital technology - Intercept™.

  • Deter Theft: This innovative lock removes the motivation to steal by disabling the product until it’s digitally 'unlocked' when purchased. 

  • Boost Sales: Allows open merchandising and doesn't detract from the brand or the customer's experience. No more plastic boxes, alarms, locked cabinets or pull cards. Finally you can let customers interact with your products and go straight to the register.

  • Gain Knowledge: This revolutionary security system can also be used to track inventory, capture sales information and even activate warranty coverage.   

Visit the Intercept product page for more information.



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Download video: MP4 format

Download video: MP4 format