MWV employees

MWV is committed to providing a safe, healthy and inclusive environment for our employees.

MWV is a high-performance, high-integrity organization. Each year MWV employees develop an annual performance management plan to bring the company’s vision and values to life. The information contained in this plan is based on five behavior expectations that are linked to our values: stewardship, performance excellence, innovation, respect for the individual, integrity and teamwork.

Our goal is to ensure that every employee arrives at work and goes home each day healthy and free from injury. We provide state-of-the-art policies and procedures to support this goal in all of our facilities worldwide. MWV carefully monitors its progress in preventing workplace injuries and illnesses, and we strive for continuous improvement. MWV has aggressive training programs and procedures to make safety an active part of each employee's daily responsibilities.

Employee development

We also believe in attracting and retaining a diverse group of highly talented people and in providing greater opportunities for career training and development. Our policies on equal employment opportunity, along with many other policies covering our ethics and other vitally important topics, are set forth in our Code of Conduct.

The company also recognizes the rights of workers to associate freely, including the choice of whether to join or refrain from joining union organizations.

Diversity and inclusion

We are committed to an inclusive and diverse culture at MWV. Meeting this commitment means attracting, developing and retaining highly talented individuals. Our diversity and inclusion vision is for our population to mirror the diversity of the global marketplace we aspire to serve.

Human rights

Social Accountability International works "to help ensure that workers of the world are treated according to basic human rights principles."

MWV Calmar Brazil is SA8000 certified. See SA8000 Policies for Brazil (in Portuguese) for more information.