The MWV commitment to product stewardship requires that we take into consideration the health, safety and environmental effects of products throughout their life cycle.

Through our comprehensive scope of capabilities, we are able to integrate sustainability at every step of the package development process to protect the product and promote the brand — beginning with consumer insights to the sourcing of raw materials from certified forestlands, to the engineering and design of the product, to the way in which the package is manufactured and transported, and finally, to the way in which it is recovered and returned to the process as a raw material.

MaterialsOur commitment to providing sustainable solutions begins with producing a wide range of high-quality paperboard products that are available around the world. The fiber used in paperboard is from a certified sustainable, renewable resource—and all MWV paperboard materials can be recycled multiple times. Whether virgin or recycled fiber, bleached or natural, coated or uncoated, paperboard remains true to our definition of an environmentally responsible material. And MWV’s U.S. paperboard mills and extruding facilities are chain of custody certified to Sustainability Forestry Initiative (SFI) and Programme for the Endorsement of Fiber Certification (PEFC) standards.

Tango® Advantage Recycled Coated Cover
Tango Advantage Recycled Coated Cover, made with recycled content, offers outstanding runnability, printability, and consistency on press and in converting operations. It boasts high brightness, clean-white styling, and a smooth surface, making it an excellent choice for high-quality graphical or packaging applications.

Printkote® Paperboard
A favorite of the packaging industry for many years, Printkote is known around the world for its bright white appearance, glossy coated side, and for its reliable converting performance and versatility.

Coated Natural Kraft® (CNK®) Paperboard Products
MWV CNK products feature a smooth, glossy, white coated side over an uncoated, unbleached Kraft back. With its high compression strength, CNK provides improved stacking and cube utilization, and can eliminate the need for outer transport packaging.

Featured Packaging Solutions

Our sustainable packaging solutions reflect our awareness of our customers’ changing needs and our commitment to provide innovative solutions that take brand awareness, sustainable packaging and consumer-driven needs to a new level.

Natralock® Packaging
Natralock is a secure, highly-customizable, more sustainable alternative to plastic clamshell packaging. This durable, recyclable, paperboard-based security packaging solution provides the security, visibility and durability of clamshell packaging at a lower raw material cost with less environmental impact. A Natralock package is composed primarily of tear-resistant paperboard made from renewable resources, and can include up to 30 percent recycled content. The paperboard is sustainably sourced, and is suitable for recycling in community-based recycling programs.


MWare® Disposable Food Service Products
We developed our MWare food service paperboard with sustainability in mind. MWare products start with wood fiber from source-certified, renewable resources. The post consumer recycled fiber (PCF) we use is USFDA and ISEGA food contact compliant. To maintain these standards, we currently offer a maximum of 30 percent recycled content in our MWare line.

MWare® Balance cup stock is certified compostable. The cup stock is made from all-natural, renewable materials, including fiber source-certified paperboard, and coated with PLA, a polymer made from plants. In addition to helping keep disposable cups out of landfills, this MWare Balance solution breaks down to soil nutrients within 12 weeks.

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MWV Named to DJSI for 8 Years  

For eight consecutive years, MWV has been named to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, and is ranked best in class in the Containers & Packaging sector for the sixth year. Read the press release.

MWV Listed in SAM Sustainability Yearbook 2011   

MWV is listed as the leader in the containers and packaging sector and was awarded the gold class for SAM’s Sustainability Yearbook 2011, the world’s most comprehensive publication on corporate sustainability.

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