MWV's headquarters in Richmond, Virginia, reflects our commitment to sustainability in an innovative way. Our building is designed to meet and surpass green building standards. Built with environmentally-responsible materials and energy-efficient products, it outperforms most commercial buildings.

Striking design

The MWV headquarters building, located along on the James River at Foundry Park in downtown Richmond, capitalizes on the area’s spectacular river views, while evoking a progressive spirit that reflects MWV's culture. The 310,000 square-foot, nine-story building was designed by architecture firm MSTSD, Inc. and is owned by NewMarket Corporation.

The beauty of our building goes deeper than the striking design. That’s because MWV and the building’s designers focused on creating a facility that meets and exceeds strict sustainability standards.

Sustainable building design

We received the highest Green Globes rating.
When building our headquarters, we used energy-efficient, eco-friendly products and materials, from recycled glass and rubber to low VOC products including paints, furniture and carpeting. As a result, we received the highest Green Globes NC certification rating of four globes from the Green Building Initiative for our new building.

We used environmentally responsible, energy-efficient building products.
We used low VOC and recycled materials, and a high-quality indoor air supply in our building. Low-flow plumbing and water systems and water-efficient native landscaping reduce water use. Our building uses energy-efficient heating and air systems, with solar-reflective glass windows that maintain building temperature and maximize light. To light the building, we use lighting technology that adjusts to take advantage of natural light.

Sustainable practices

We use renewable products and recycle.Our green efforts involve more than our building. At headquarters, we use cups and take-out café boxes that are commercially compostable. And now we are using our own MWare® Balance PLA paperboard for beverage cups in our building.

MWV also developed a green operations plan to manage and maintain sustainable practices. And throughout the building, we encourage employee recycling and sustainable purchasing decisions.

We encourage alternative transportation.To reduce travel emissions and transportation costs, we encourage headquarters employees to use nearby public transportation. We reward drivers of fuel-efficient cars with preferred parking spaces, and reward cyclists, too, with parking designated just for bicycles.

Sustainable sourcing and supplier diversity

We proactively partnered with vendors who work with the same commitment to sustainability. We’ll continue buying goods through current channels, and, when feasible, use bulk purchasing to offset emissions by reducing delivery trips.

Supplier diversity, an important initiative for MWV, was a top priority for our new building. During construction, we introduced new MWBE (minority and women businesses) partners on the project, and added additional MWBE suppliers to our supply base. We achieved significant MWBE participation on the project, and were recognized with the "Raising the Bar" award from the Virginia Minority Supplier Development Council.


Download more details about our MWV Headquarters building.

 MWV Headquarters (PDF)

image of paving at MWV heaquarters using Evotherm

Evotherm® Warm Mix Asphalt Paved the Way

We used Evotherm® warm mix asphalt to pave the 5th Street entrance to our headquarters. Evotherm consumes less energy and emits fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than typical pavement.

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image of woman drinking from a cup made of MWare paperboard

MWare® Food Service Paperboard

We now use our own MWV MWare® Balance PLA paperboard for beverage cups in our headquarters building.

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