As a leader in our industry, we have an obligation to be the best global citizen we can be.  At MWV, we embrace this duty by placing the environment and corporate responsibility at the heart of our decisions—we work every day to find better ways to support our communities and sustain our world.
One tool we use to help keep us on track is the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a framework of internationally accepted guidelines and principles that companies and organizations around the world use to chronicle responsibility and sustainability performance.

We have self-assessed our reporting to be Application Level B.

To learn more about our efforts, we invite you to explore our GRI Corporate Responsibility Report below. 

2011 Report At-A-Glance:

Profile Disclosures

Strategy and Analysis 

Organizational Profile 

Report Parameters 

Governance, Commitments and Engagements

Performance Indicators



Social: Labor Practices and Decent Work

Social: Human Rights

Social: Society

Social: Product Responsibility

Success Stories

Beneficial Use

Mahrt Mill

Shellpak/Shellpak Renew

Specialty Chemicals

Better Plants Program Partnership




A Message from
our CEO

“Our customers need sustainable solutions in order to satisfy consumers’ demands...”

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