Our Pine Chemicals group benefits from a natural synergy between tall oil production and resin manufacturing. Companies around the world rely on our distinctive chemistries and technologies to transform the characteristics of their end products

We provide a wide variety of functional and intermediate chemicals based on crude tall oil (CTO), which is derived from the sulphate pulping of softwood in papermaking.

Our full suite of products provide reliable performance for a variety of industries. We refine CTO into two major product lines: tall oil rosins used in inks, paper size, rubber and adhesives; and tall oil fatty acids (TOFA) used in asphalt emulsifiers, soaps, paper size, inks adhesives, alkyd resins, cleaners, lubricants, dimer acids, surfactants, oil field chemicals and ore flotation reagents. 

MWV processes tall oil at our Charleston, South Carolina Chemical Plant and our DeRidder, Louisiana Chemical Plant. Our impressive combined capacity at these two locations ensures our position as a long-term strategic supplier to our customers around the world.

Did you know?

Our catalytically stabilized fatty acids are excellent alternatives to animal oleic acids in specialty soap applications.

Our tall oil based chemicals are used in the world's most recognized brand name industrial and household cleaners.

MWV provides a wide variety of functional and intermediate chemicals based on tall oil.

  • Distilled Tall Oil and Mixed Acids

    Our distilled tall oils and stabilized mixed acids are used as emulsifiers in the polymerization of synthetic rubber and extended SBR latex, metalworking oils, alkyd resins, anionic flotation reagents and asphalt emulsion additives.

  • Mineral Technology

    Excellent raw material position and product synthesis capabilities have made our performance additives the products of choice in masonry, plastic and stucco applications.

  • Tall Oil Fatty Acids

    These tall oil fatty acids, and derivatives, are used in the manufacture of rubber, paper, soaps and detergents, printing inks, metalworking fluids, corrosion inhibitors and plasticizers.

  • Tall Oil Heads and Pitch

    The Liqrene Series, our low-cost, high-titer tall oil distillates (heads) and Tallex, our dark bottoms product from tall oil fractionation are used in a variety of applications.

  • Tall Oil Rosin

    We manufacture a variety of functional and intermediate chemicals based on tall oil rosins that are used in the manufacturing of rubber polymers, paper size, ink resins and adhesive resins.