For over 30 years, MWV’s Oilfield Chemicals business has provided a wide-range of innovative specialty chemical products to meet the needs of the global oilfield industry.  We’ve built our reputation on understanding the individual needs of our customers, and on providing a personal touch to deliver solutions for the most challenging conditions. 


Our team brings an average of 27 years of technical expertise in the oilfield industry. We understand that it takes innovation and expertise to build our customer’s chemical solutions.  We provide a personal touch by working closely with them to develop solutions to meet their specific performance requirements. Our marketing and technical teams respond by creating cost-effective and sustainable chemical solutions.


With facilities worldwide, we deliver the products our customer’s need, when and where they need them. Our global manufacturing and laboratory testing facilities are located in South Carolina, Louisiana, Brazil and China.


Rely on our expertise, support and technical innovation.

Product Innovations

EnvaMul™ emulsifiers – We offer a complete line of primary, secondary, and combination invert emulsifiers designed to stabilize oil in water emulsions and promote oil-wetting of drill solids. The EnvaMul™ product line consists of modified tall oil derivatives that can be formulated to increase emulsion stability and aid in fluid loss control. Our emulsifiers are compatible with commonly used drilling additives and base fluids.

EnvaCor™ corrosion inhibitors – EnvaCor™ is our proven line of corrosion inhibitors, offering both intermediates and concentrated packages. Our intermediates are used in oilfield and refinery applications as a component of corrosion inhibitor packages where they are often neutralized with organic acids such as our EnvaDym™ dimer/trimer products. Our concentrated packages offer superior passivation of metal surfaces. We offer both oil and water soluble options for use in batch or continuous treatment.

EnvaDym™ dimer/trimer acids – EnvaDym™ products are manufactured specifically for the oilfield industry ensuring consistent and reliable supply. They are neutralized using MWV’s imidazolines (EnvaCor™) in the formulation of oil soluble and oil soluble/water dispersible corrosion inhibitor packages.

EnvaScale scale inhibitors – Our patent-pending technology – EnvaScale – is the future of scale inhibitors. EnvaScale’s quick and easy detection offers you the benefit of well site analysis in less than 10 minutes. It is detected by titration to 0.5 ppm and effective against a wide variety of scales.

EnvaWet wetting agents – Our EnvaWet products are used to alter the surface wettability of a wide range of solids to an oil-wet state. We offer products for a variety of downhole conditions.

EnvaMod rheology modifiers – Our EnvaMod rheology modifiers are used to alter the low sheer, low temperature viscosity of oil-based muds. They are typically used in deep water or cold temperature applications.