We are a global technology provider for the asphalt paving industry. Our complete line of asphalt emulsifiers and additives provide superior performance with a wide variety of aggregates and asphalt cements.

Using our advanced chemistries and industry expertise, we partner with our customers to solve tough problems and deliver dependable product performance. Our ability to respond to customers with innovative solutions has enabled us to become the world’s leading producer of asphalt emulsifiers.

When selecting the proper emulsifier, the characteristics of the asphalt, aggregate, and the desired performance properties and climatic conditions during application should be taken into account. Mixing, coating, workability, and cure times can all be heavily influenced by emulsifier choice.

Because of the complexity of these systems, we provide technical assistance in the use of our asphalt emulsifiers and additives. These services are provided globally through our research facility in Charleston, South Carolina, and laboratories in Lille, France and Shanghai and Beijing, China.

MWV Produces a Wide Range of Superior Additives for the Asphalt Paving Industry.

  • Adhesion Promoters / Anti-strips

    Adhesion promoters, or anti-strips, are used to improve the bond between asphalt cements and the aggregates they are mixed with for road paving applications

  • Base/Soil Stabilization

    Asphalt emulsifiers used in the production of emulsions to fortify bases and soils to create improved bearing capacity and water resistance.

  • Chip Seal/Surface Dressing

    Fast setting emulsifiers used to make asphalt emulsions for chip seals that protect and prolong the life of a road by improving the surface texture and sealing the underlying pavement.

  • Cold In-Place Recycling

    Our emulsifiers are used to recycle and rehabilitate asphalt pavement in place and free of surface irregularities and ruts.

  • Grave Emulsion

    Our emulsifiers are used in the grave emulsion process – an alternative to traditional hot-mixed asphalt in base and wearing courses.

  • Industrial Emulsions

    Industrial applications including driveway sealers, roof coatings and automobile underbody sprays require our careful formulation design and material selection.

  • Micro Surfacing and Slurry Seal

    Micro surfacing and slurry seal are two preventative road maintenance options used to remedy a broad range of problems on streets, highways and airfields.

  • Prime Coat

    Asphalt emulsion prime coat is the application of a low viscosity asphalt emulsion on a compacted aggregate base course in preparation for an asphalt surface course. Upon application, the emulsion penetrates the base and the curing process begins, leaving a film of asphalt cement covering the surface.

  • Tack Coat

    Tack coat is film of asphalt binder that is used to promote adhesion between an existing pavement layer and a new asphalt or Portland cement concrete layer.