Evotherm® warm mix asphalt technology can be used in any traditional hot-mix asphalt (HMA) application–from the binder course to the surface course. Of all the warm-mix asphalt alternatives, Evotherm’s unique technology allows asphalt application at a temperature that is 100 to 130°F (50 to 75°C) lower than HMA.

Asphalt industry professionals trust Evotherm warm mix asphalt for three simple reasons: Use our value calculator to determine bottom-line savings with Evotherm.

Evotherm is easy to use.

Evotherm warm mix asphalt requires no equipment changes at the plant or job site. Evotherm is metered into existing materials and drops into existing HMA job mix formulas.

Evotherm provides the lowest temperatures.

This reduction in temperature expands the area a plant can service - broadening markets without compromising quality. 

At the plant, Evotherm lessens the wear and tear on hot-mix equipment due to its lower processing temperatures. On the job site, traffic is returned immediately after compaction.

Evotherm delivers proven performance.

Workability and compaction at reduced temperatures are easier than HMA, especially for coarse mixes and polymer modified asphalts.

Evotherm binder performance matches or surpasses the qualities found in new hot-mix asphalt and allows higher percentages of recycled asphalt (RAP) to be used.

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