Our high-surface-area Nuchar® powdered carbons are widely recognized as especially effective for purifying drinking water and industrial water/beverage water, and are particularly suited for the reduction of MIB and Geosmin taste and odor compounds.


The high-quality aspects of these powdered carbons allow for the use of fewer pounds of carbon to achieve higher levels of taste, odor, color and synthetic organics removal in municipal water supplies. Low ash content prevents the formation of scale and low density allows the carbon to stay in suspension longer for more effective removal.


For great tasting drinking water with less carbon, evaluate AquaNuchar. See Powdered Activated Carbons.


AquaNuchar meets ANSI/AWWA B 600-05 and is certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61. They also meet the food grade quality standards for activated carbon as defined by the most recent addition of the Food Chemicals Codex.


Mail bid documents for Powdered Activated Carbon used in drinking water treatment to:

MWV Specialty Chemicals

Attn: Sandra Herring

5255 Virginia Avenue

North Charleston SC 29406



Download technical literature to learn more about our drinking water carbon:


PAC Removes MIB and Geosmin for Better Tasting, Cleaner Water (.pdf)

Taste & Odor Treatment of Drinking Water (.pdf)

TOC Reduction Using PAC (.pdf)

PAC Removes Atrazine (.pdf)

PAC Increases Membrane Longevity & Performance (.pdf)

Delivery Options for Water Treatment Applications (.pdf)