Prominently located on the Mississippi River about two miles south of the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, MWV’s Wickliffe, Ky., plant spans approximately 25 acres and employs nearly 70 people. One of the largest producers of wood-based activated carbon in the world, our products are used to remove impurities from fluids and gases, including the capture of gasoline vapor emissions from vehicles. Our products collectively recover more than 10,000 metric tons of fuel each day- preventing these emissions from escaping into the environment. Activated carbon produced at the facility is also used in the food and drinking water industries.

The Wickliffe plant is part of MWV’s Specialty Chemicals Division, which is headquartered in Charleston, S.C. MWV Specialty Chemicals serves customers through its worldwide sales and customer service network. A global supplier of premium specialty chemicals products and distinctive technologies, MWV Specialty Chemicals has production capabilities on four continents- North America, South America, Asia and Europe.

 Wickliffe information sheet

Carbon Production

Our carbon plant in Wickliffe, Kentucky, U.S. produces Nuchar® granular, powdered and activated carbons made from sawdust – previously thought of as a waste product of the forest industry. Wood is a superior carbon source because of its elemental structure, purity and renewable nature.

Global applications for our activated carbons include automotive emissions control, gas and vapor adsorption, corrosive gas protection, solvent recovery, air pollution control, chemical and pharmaceutical processing, sugar and syrups decolorization, wastewater purification and potable water treatment.

Responsible Care

The Wickliffe plant places great emphasis on environmental, safety health and Responsible Care (RC) issues. In June 2004, the Wickliffe facility was recommended for RC 14001 registration by Underwriters Laboratories Inc., a U.S.-based product safety testing and certification organization.

The Wickliffe facility has a safety committee whose focus is to identify and resolve safety issues. The group has demonstrated its empowerment to make many changes, helping to prevent injuries and accidents.