KlaFold® Paperboard

image of box made from KlaFold paperboard

KlaFold® is a high-quality, coated unbleached kraft paperboard with low density, high-yield characteristics that provide outstanding strength and durability. Klafold offers superior printing and converting performance due to its exceptional smoothness and consistency. Please note, Klafold is not available for sale in Europe.

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Please note, Klafold® is not available for sale in Europe.

USFDA and ISEGA compliance make this product ideal for most direct and indirect food contact applications, as well as for cartons and packages of all types.

Features and Benefits

Low-Density, High-Yield
KlaFold® has a unique three-ply structure that uses less fiber for a given caliper, which can help manufacturers reduce costs by delivering output that generates more cartons per ton. Yield advantage and source reduction make KlaFold a very efficient and cost-effective packaging option.

Surface Uniformity for Printability and Convertibility
Its clay coating provides a consistent, smooth surface with outstanding ink holdout, resulting in excellent printability for packages with strong shelf appeal. Its smoothness and strength offer improved efficiencies in converting machinery and filling equipment as well as strong performance in finishing operations.

image of carton made from KlaFold paperboardStrength and Durability
The unbleached long fiber base layer supplies stiffness and strength for package integrity. As a result, KlaFold is versatile, taking on virtually any design feature and application, including diecutting, folding, apertures, laminating and embossing. Converters can use its lighter basis weight to achieve equal strength, and can use it in demanding applications, such as frozen or chilled food packaging.

Sustainable Alternative
KlaFold uses renewable and recyclable virgin fibers. When combined with FSC chain of custody certification, KlaFold becomes a very sustainable alternative.

Excellent for a Wide Range of Food Applications
USFDA and ISEGA approval make KlaFold ideal for most direct and indirect food contact applications.

MWV offers KlaFold as part of a sales and marketing agreement with Klabin, Brazil's largest paperboard producer. For more information, contact your MWV representative or service partner. 


  • Product Type: Composite of pine and eucalyptus fibers
  • Structure: Pine base layer, eucalyptus CTMP and pine middle layer with bleached top layer, clay coated one side

KlaFold Case Study

KlaFold paperboard helps a snack company focus on taste, not waste.

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Product Uses



  • Frozen & refrigerated foods
  • Dry & prepared food
  • Food service
  • Personal care
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Toys
  • Automotive

Meets the needs of these industries

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