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With their strong visual impact, corrugated board packages communicate the brand values of the products they contain, which often influences the purchase decision of today's more demanding consumer. Rigesa, a Brazilian subsidiary of MWV, produces corrugated board packaging to meet the needs of each market.

Produced at Manus, AM, Blumenau, SC, Valinhos, SP, Pacajus, CE and Feira de Santana, BA facilities, Rigesa corrugated board packaging uses modern printing equipment, which assures visibility at the point of sale. Rigesa has a specific corrugated board to meet the needs of each market.



Many companies from a wide variety of industries have already discovered how versatile cardboard has become in performing tasks that once seemed impossible. Its attractive costs, ease of use, convenient recycling and additional economic gains throughout the distribution chain are surprising many people.

Rigesa manufactures three products for logistics and distribution:

  • Mill Mate, a laminated cardboard sheet that substitutes wood pallets,
  • the 1,000-liter (250-gallon) Recyclable Container to replace metal barrels and wood, metal and plastic bins,
  • and Bulk Containers, a customized product for bulk shipments.


Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers

Rigesa plants located in Valinhos, Pacajus and Feira de Santana produce Plaform® packaging, licensed by Spanish company Cartonajes International S/A Cartisa. This product has the specific characteristics, such as high rigidity and high resistance to humidity, that are critical to protecting fruit and vegetables in cold storage rooms.



"Innovation in protection" is how we summarize the benefits that give Rigesa packages the maximum quality standard. Over and beyond withstanding humidity and being irresistible at the point-of-sale, a package for frozen food must meet many other objectives: cost reduction, enhanced logistics and complete product safety.


Sophisticated Printing

Rigegraphics® is the name of our specialized corrugated packaging. This exclusive technology gives a new dimension to transport packaging, combining product protection with a vibrant visual message. It can be used to enhance the image of corporations, brands and products in the market and is an important differential at the point of sale.

With up to 42 lines per centimeter, the printed image offers never-before-seen resolution on corrugated. Using process flexography, Rigegraphics allows excellent quality printing directly on corrugated cardboard or micro-flute packaging. Rigesa is the only company in Brazil with the technology to offer Rigegraphics.

Rigegraphics can be printed in process flexography with up to six colors on standard corrugated or micro-flute packaging or five colors plus varnish.

  • Offset: With Rigesa technology it is possible to use offset printing on corrugated cardboard or micro-corrugated cardboard without losing any of the package's structural strength or stacking characteristics.
  • The use of water-based dyes: Fully compatible with food packaging and does not harm the environment.
  • Added value at the point of sale: Rigegraphics is an important marketing tool, since it keeps the product's trademark or company's logo highly visible right on the packaging.


Display Packaging

In the beginning, it was just a cardboard box. Later, companies discovered that by enhancing their packaging, they could reinforce the product's visual communication with consumers. Over time, the simple box has evolved into a marketing-focused display case.

Because of its versatility, corrugated packaging is the perfect substitute for traditional display materials, like wood and metal. These cases, often heavier and more expensive than corrugated alternatives, frequently require active management and maintenance by the consumer products companies that placed them in the market.

A display built out of corrugated or micro-corrugated cardboard is disposable, affordable, recyclable, light and durable. It makes any promotional project possible, including those where the box itself transforms into a separate display.

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