Carrier Kote® Paperboard

Carrier Kote® unbleached, coated kraft paperboard remains strong when wet, is highly printable for shelf appeal, and is cost-effective for manufacturers. Its durability, printability and affordability have made it the standard for beverage multi-packs and other beverage industry packaging.

Features and Benefits

Exceptional Wet Strength
Products made from Carrier Kote paperboard retain their shape, strength and carton integrity even when wet, such as when beverage multipacks are submerged in water for an extended time.

Its smooth, glossy, white, clay-coated surface allows for exceptional printing and eye-catching, high-quality graphics that demand attention on the shelf.

Carrier Kote is a thinner caliper but, because of its superior strength, has characteristics similar to higher-caliper competitive paperboards. Lower calipers translate into a lower paperboard weight and a higher yield, reducing manufacturers’ costs.

Design Flexibility
Its strength and versatility allows for almost any type of package design, including graphics, foils, handles, windows and apertures. 

Carrier Kote is uniform, consistent, and performs well during the converting process, especially in die-cutting, folding, creasing and gluingwithout sacrificing resilience.

Environmentally Friendly
We produce Carrier Kote using 3 to 12 percent pre-consumer and 7 to 14 percent post-consumer waste. And since it is made from paperboard, Carrier Kote is renewable and recyclable.

Product Uses

  • Beverage mult-packs
  • Secondary & promotional packaging
  • Filter frames

Meets the needs of these industries

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