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Dispensing Closures

Always a perfect fit.

Whether you're in the market for custom or an off the shelf dispensing closure, MWV is here to help.

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Trigger Sprayers

Get performance.

Spray right side up, upside down, or anywhere in-between with our reliable, customizable sprayers.

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Hose End Sprayers

Find the right mix.

Mix and dispense accurately with our highly versatile sprayers and an impressive array of mix ratios.

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Sustained Duration

Reduce fatigue.

Clean, cover and coat as long as you want with products designed to make your life easier during the bigger jobs.

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Aerosol Sprayers

Choose comfort.

Customize every aspect of our ergonomic, easy to actuate aerosol option.

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Regular Sprayers

Rely on the standards.

Choose these sprayers for style and impact with a wide range of home and garden applications.

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