Let your brand stand out on the shelf  with the VersaPlast™ SP 05 trigger sprayer's unique aesthetic.

The all-plastic construction of the VersaPlast™ SP 05 makes it an ideal choice for spraying a broad range of chemical formulas. Lower resin helps reduce its environmental impact, and a child-resistant trigger sprayer option provides additional peace of mind. Every aspect is highly customizable; we can work with you to develop the precise solution that’s perfect for each product in your lineup.

Key attributes include:

  • All plastic construction
  • High chemical compatibility
  • Ergonomic easy-to-use design
  • High-output trigger sprayer in a compact, medium profile
  • Easy to fit into limited shelf height
  • Unique aesthetic for shelf differentiation
  • Child-resistance (CR) feature available

Applications include: home, garden, auto, laundry, air

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