Designed for patient convenience and improved pharmacy efficiency – that's space well-spent


Make room for better adherenceThe smallest F=1 child-resistant adherence package available fits patients’ lifestyles and pharmacists’ need for more shelf space.

Measurable impact on adherence

The development of Shellpak® Renew with Optilock™ technology is part of MWV’s long-standing commitment to improving medication adherence. Unprecedented data published in the Journal of Clinical Therapeutics finds Shellpak packages provide statistically significant improvement in patient adherence over vials.

Sustainable packaging solution

This package features a tear-resistant, recyclable outer carton made of MWV’s Natralock® paperboard. Natralock is an environmentally friendly packaging solution that maximizes the use of recyclable materials and minimizes waste.

Product line standardization

Shellpak Renew with Optilock technology allows retailers to standardize their adherence packaging line and reduce time to market, with an easily scalable program. Optilock technology can be integrated into larger standard package sizes. To date, approximately 500 million packages from the Shellpak adherence packaging platform have been dispensed at more than 5,600 pharmacies nationwide.

Six Shellpak Renew package sizes have passed U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission child resistance testing at F=1.



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