Shellpak® Renew is the latest design in the Shellpak adherence packaging family. The package was designed with input from pharmacists and patients.

Shellpak Renew is a first of its kind, ready-to-dispense, recyclable package made of our exclusive tear-resistant paperboard, Natralock®. A calendarized blister package promotes adherence, and color-coded labels support pharmacy efficiency. A child-resistant push button and easy-slide blister let seniors in but keep children out.


Natralock tear-resistant paperboard is designed with sustainability in mind. It is curbside recyclable, and it’s sourced from MWV’s sustainable forestland or responsible third parties. It’s designed to create less waste, and is lighter than traditional plastic packaging.

Proven impact on patient adherence

Unprecedented data published in the Journal of Clinical Therapeutics finds Shellpak packages provide statistically significant improvement in patient adherence over vials.

Child-resistant and senior-friendly

The tear-resistant board outer carton and proprietary, push-button technology earned our Shellpak packages the highest child resistance rating from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission: F=1. The child resistance is focused in the outer carton, eliminating the need for difficult-to-open paper backed blisters.  

Product line standardization

Shellpak Renew allows retailers to standardize their adherence packaging line and reduce time to market, with an easily scalable program. Shellpak Renew can handle a variety of blister configurations, all within the same CR-proven outer container.

Pharmacy-friendly and efficient Shellpak Renew’s pre-filled medication packages with color-coded labels help expedite pharmacist handling, reduce errors and save operational costs.


  • U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
    Received the highest child resistance rating: F=1




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