Shellpak® packages are award-winning, first-of-their-kind blister packages. Thin, injection-molded, HIPS, “shells” protect fragile pills. A child-resistant push-button technology lets seniors in but keeps children out. And a wide range of configuration options and generous space for graphics open up unprecedented marketing and branding opportunities.

Shellpak® adherence packaging helps deliver pills to patients safely, accurately and in single, controlled dosages.

Proven impact on patient adherence

New and unprecedented data published in the Journal of Clinical Therapeutics finds Shellpak provides statistically significant improvement in patient adherence over vials.

MWV also optimizes brand value with proven, adherence-enhancing solutions like Shellpak. Learn how Shellpak delivered 12 to 1 return on investment (ROI) in our adherence case study.

Manufactures easily

Our patented design comes in a standard configuration that runs easily on most existing line equipment, so manufacturers can maintain efficient, speedy and economical processing on production lines.

Pharmacy-friendly and efficient

Pre-filled medication packages help expedite pharmacist handling, reduce errors and save operational costs. And Shellpak packages stack and store more efficiently than amber vials (standard orange pill bottles).

Child-resistant and senior-friendly

The rigid, plastic shells and proprietary, push-button technology earned our Shellpak packages the highest child resistance rating from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission: F=1. Yet it remains easy for seniors to open.  

Product options

Shellpak is customizable. We offer three standard sizes and a wide variety of shapes and colors. And optional, easy-to-customize, extended content labels provide even more room for bold graphics as well as product and health literacy information.



  • U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
    Received the highest child resistance rating: F=1
  • 100 percent score on senior-friendly protocol




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