Sustainable thinking at every turn.

At MWV, sustainability is an integral part of everything we do. Our customers trust us to make responsible business decisions, today and every day, that will not only benefit them but also our people, communities and the environment.

We are sensitive to the fact that approximately one-third of all U.S. landfill waste is discarded packaging. And since packaging is our core business, we are deeply committed to developing valuable, sustainable solutions.

Simply put, our charge is to design responsible solutions that make a difference.

That’s why we follow a life cycle approach in the way we address sustainable packaging solutions. Sustainability is implemented at every stage, beginning with the responsible sourcing of raw materials. We engineer and design packaging to use less board – saving trees and creating efficiencies for manufacturing and shipping. Finally, we make our packages easy for consumers to use and recycle, after which they are easily converted and reprocessed back into raw materials.

Eco-friendly paperboard for Food Packaging:

  • Printkote Eagle® is currently the only solid bleached sulfate (SBS) grade in the industry that contains 30 percent post consumer fiber recycled content and meets USFDA compliance for direct food contact. It maintains superior uniformity, purity and printability of solid bleached sulfate paperboard while meeting the growing demand for post consumer fiber (PCF) recycled content.
  • Klafold® uses renewable and recyclable virgin fibers. When combined with FSC chain of custody certification, KlaFold becomes a very sustainable alternative.
  • MWV produces CNK Custom Kote® using 3 to 12% pre-consumer and 7 to 14% post-consumer waste. And since it is made from paperboard, Custom Kote is renewable and recyclable.

Sustainability at MWV

Since 2005, we’ve been consistently recognized by the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, including best-in-class ranking for the past six years in the Containers & Packaging group. Read the press release.

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