Natralock® packaging is our secure, customizable, more sustainable alternative to traditional plastic clamshells. It’s designed to showcase your product while always protecting your brand's shelf impact. Developed using our integrated supply chain and global packaging platforms, it's packaging that can take your brand anywhere in the world it wants to go.

Features and Benefits

Security and Durability
Natralock® tear-resistant paperboard is sealed with a thermoform blister or bubble, protects your product from damage, and provides maximum security on the retail shelf.

Natralock packaging allows consumers a crystal-clear view of the product. Its two-sided paperboard provides generous glare-free space for special printing effects and bold graphics that help your brand get noticed.

Easy and Safe to Open
Natralock packaging is safe and easy for consumers to open with a simple pair of household scissors. Unlike plastic, when the paperboard is cut, it leaves a safe, smooth edge.

Natralock is a more sustainable packaging solution designed to maximize materials and minimize waste. Made primarily with paperboard that can contain up to 18 percent recycled fiber, it requires less energy to manufacture and uses less plastic than traditional plastic clamshell packaging.

Production Savings
Natralock packaging seals up to 40 to 60 percent faster on average than traditional plastic clamshell packaging. Manufacturers can produce it on most standard clamshell packaging lines with minimal retrofitting. Plus, its lighter weight can help reduce transportation costs.

Natralock packaging is available in three different tear-resistant paperboard grades — giving customers and brand owners greater flexibility around their desired level of product security and brand protection.



Product uses

  • Electronics and Electronic Accessories
  • Batteries
  • Media
  • Home & Garden
  • Tools and Hardware
  • Club store
  • Cosmetics
  • Rx or OTC pharmaceuticals

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