With the acquisition of Polytop, our global family of innovative dispensing products now includes the caps and closures sector. With over 200 dispensing closures, we offer world class design and manufacturing as well as custom solutions for customers all over the world.


Beauty & Personal Care
MWV now offers leading and custom-designed dispensing closure solutions for products such as shampoos, conditioners, and lotions. Learn more about how we can enhance your brand.


Dispensing closures for products like syrups, ketchups, honeys and mustards add new and innovative solutions to the MWV family of products. Learn more about how we can make your brand memorable.


Home & Garden
Our enhanced line of products for items such as residential cleaners, lighter fluids and lawn care will add unique capabilities and technologies to your packaging needs. Learn more about how we bring more value to your brand.


MWV now offers leading dispensing closure solutions for creams, moisturizers, and ointments. We offer world-class design and manufacturing with our standard and custom solutions for customers all over the world. Learn more about our dispensing closures for the healthcare market.


For more information on how MWV can help your brand take shape, contact us or view our Beauty & Personal Care, Food or Home & Garden Products now. For more information about the acquisition of Polytop, click here.